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DSCR Loan Canada Guide 2024: Easy Guide for Canadians

Welcome to DSCR Loan Canada 2024 guideIn this article, we’ll go over debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans and what Canadian investors should know about them. Moreover we will discuss how the DSCR loan Canada is available for Canadian investors.

Join us as we delve into DSCR loans for Canadians looking to buy investment property in the United States.

DSCR Loan Canada Definition

DSCR loans are an important instrument for Canadian real estate investors in the United States. These loans enable property acquisitions to be financed by leveraging the income generated by the property to pay down the mortgage or loan.

  • A DSCR ratio of one shows that the property earns more than is required to meet its mortgage payments.
  • A ratio less than one implies that the borrower’s property is not producing enough income to cover their debt.

This DSCR ratio is the primary qualification element for the DSCR loan, and no personal income verification is required.

The DSCR loan is often used by real estate investors and developers to fund projects such as apartment complexes, office spaces, Airbnb, and retail malls.

What is the Role of DSCR in the DSCR Loan Canada Application Process?

The DSCR loan assesses the borrower’s ability to repay the loan.

The DSCR is the property’s income after vacancy loss and operational income divided by the total mortgage payment. A DSCR ratio of one or more indicates that your property’s net income is equal to or greater than the mortgage payment. As a result, your property will cover your mortgage payments.

Before applying for a DSCR loan, borrowers must understand their debt service coverage ratio.

The debt service coverage ratio is calculated as the ratio of net operating income to mortgage payment.

DSCR Loan Requirements for Canadians

Borrowers must meet certain requirements in order to be approved for a DSCR loan. These are some examples:

A DSCR ratio of 1 or above

To ensure that the property can cover the mortgage, most DSCR lenders want a DSCR ratio of 1 or higher. As a result, choosing an investment property in a desirable location with sufficient rental income potential is critical.

20-25% Down Payment

The DSCR loan down payment required may differ from one lender to the next. Generally, it is 20-25%, but because lenders do not evaluate your credit score, you may have to pay a greater down payment.

How is the Debt Service Coverage Ratio Calculated for Canadians Applying for DSCR Loans?

You can calculate it by dividing a property’s total debt payments, including principal and interest payments, by its gross debt service ratio.

But first, let’s go over how to calculate the debt service coverage ratio:

Explanation of the Ratio Calculation For DSCR Loan

To calculate the DSCR ratio of a rental property, you must first estimate the property’s rentable revenue. The DSCR is then calculated by dividing net operating income by mortgage payment.

The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) formula is

DSCR Ratio = Net Operating Income (NOI) / Mortgage Payment

NOI = Income – Expenses

Understanding and knowing your DSCR ratio will assist you in obtaining a loan with better terms and conditions, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

DSCR calculation examples

For example, if a property’s net operating revenue is $10,000 and its total debt monthly payments are $7,500, the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) can be computed as follows:

Net Operating Income/Total Debt Payments = DSCR

DSCR = 10,000/ 7,500

DSCR = 1.33.

The rental revenue from the property is adequate to cover 1.33 times the total debt payments, making it a good investment opportunity with positive cash flow and a low loan default risk.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Evaluating a DSCR Loan

The lender will consider the borrower’s net operating income and debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) while analyzing a loan application. The DSCR calculates how much of the rental income is available to satisfy the property’s monthly debt payments.

By understanding these characteristics, borrowers may apply for DSCR loans with confidence, knowing they have what it takes to get accepted.

Assume you wish to get a DSCR loan. In that instance, it’s critical to understand your debt service coverage and interest coverage ratios, as well as establish your ability to repay the loan on time.

DSCR Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate for DSCR loans varies depending on the lender and the borrower’s circumstances. Borrowers having a higher DSCR, on the other hand, may be eligible for reduced interest rates.

DSCR Program Fees & Costs

The cost of a DSCR loan will vary depending on the lender. Lenders often charge an origination fee of 0.5-1.0% of the loan amount, as well as closing charges and other administrative fees.

Borrowers may consider extra fees when estimating their entire loan cost, such as late payment penalties and prepayment penalties. The price is usually between $300 and $500.

The Step-by-Step Procedure for Obtaining DSCR Loans in Canada

You live in Canada and you want to get a DSCR loan, you should go through this step-by-step process.

  • Research several lenders and select one that offers DSCR loans.
  • Complete the loan application and supply all required documentation.
  • Gather all necessary financial documents, such as rental income statements. This step is critical because it will help establish your loan eligibility.
  • Depending on the lender’s criteria, you may need to have a house inspection.
  • Submit a loan application and wait for a decision from the lender.
  • If your application is granted, you must provide further papers for verification.
  • Once authorized, you can use the funds to buy or refinance a house.

Why Should Canadians Invest in Real Estate in the United States?

The US real estate market is one of the most appealing investment prospects for Canadians. Canadians can use a DSCR loan to leverage their existing resources to buy and rent out properties in the United States.

Investing in US real estate has various advantages, including:

  • Gaining access to better rental yields.
  • Volatility is lower than in the stock market.
  • Access to new markets and a diverse portfolio.
  • Tax benefits for investment income or low taxes.
  • Currency and interest rates remain stable.

Real estate investing can be an excellent way to build wealth, but you must have the proper tools and knowledge. Canadians looking for DSCR loans in Canada can take advantage of the US real estate market if they understand DSCR loans and their perks.

Is it possible to obtain DSCR loans in Canada?

In Canada, DSCR loans are not available. However, DSCR loans are accessible in the United States for the purchase of investment property. It is open to both foreigners and US citizens.


Finally, securing a DSCR loan can help Canadian investors intending to purchase investment property in the United States. It enables borrowers to obtain an investment property loan without providing personal income verification or a US credit score, making it the most convenient option for Canadians looking for DSCR loans in Canada can purchase investment property in the United States.

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