Kisan Card agriculture loan

Kisan Card Agriculture Loan 2024 Pakistan Get Easy Loan 30000 Now

Kisan Card or Farmer card is a smart Agriculture loan by the Government of Pakistan to help farmers and people in agriculture to boost the economy and assist farmers financially. The Kisan Card Scheme is launched with the collaboration of the Government of Punjab and HBL to provide loans of up to 500000 Rupees to small farmers to buy fertilizers, and seeds and meet the overall expenses of the agricultural land.

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How to Apply for a Kisan Card Agriculture Loan?

Farmers can apply for a Kisan Card at a nearby HBL Konnect retailer (Present Vendor) after opening a biometric-enabled mobile account (L-1).

➡️ After opening a Mobile Wallet (MW) / Mobile Account (MA)

➡️ Farmers can buy the Kisan Card bundle by paying Rs.500.

➡️ After 15-20 days co-branded Kisan Card will be delivered to the Agriculture Office.

➡️ Farmer can receive a Kisan Card after required verification from the Tehsil Agriculture Office.

Kisan Card Sindh Pakistan

Sindh government’s Kisan Card Scheme was designed to provide farmers relief and support by offering various benefits such as subsidies, fertilizers, agricultural equipment, and loan waivers across the province. below are the criteria for applying for the Kisan Card.

Farmers living in Sindh who own and cultivate a maximum of 12 acres of land are eligible to apply for the Kisan Card.

✅ Eligible farmers with up to 12 acres of self-cultivated land to benefit.

✅ Survey and registration process to begin promptly.

✅ Kissan Cards to provide subsidies, loans, and insurance.

✅ The aim is to better organize information about farmers for effective government support.

✅ Farmers with these cards will receive priority assistance, especially during wheat procurement and in times of emergencies.

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